TOMS Christmas Drinks

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TOMS held it’s annual Christmas Drinks get together on the 16th of December at the IOD. Apart from catching up with everyone involved in some way or another, the event was also held to give updates on the charity and what it had accomplished this year.

Below are some of pictures taken on the 16th.

Toms Drinks.1

Toms drinks.2

Toms Drinks.3

Toms Drinks.4

Toms Drinks.5

Toms Drinks.6

Toms Drinks.7

Toms Drinks.8

Toms Drinks.9

Toms Drinks.12

Toms Drinks.13

Toms Drinks.14

Toms Drinks.15

Toms Drinks.16

Toms Drinks.17

Toms Drinks.18

Toms Drinks.19

Toms Drinks.20

Toms Drinks.21

Toms Drinks.22

Toms Drinks.23

Toms Drinks.24

Toms Drinks.25

Toms Drinks.26

Toms Drinks.27

Toms Drinks.28

Toms Drinks.29

Toms Drinks.30

Toms Drinks.31

Toms Drinks.32

Toms Drinks.33

Toms Drinks.34

Toms Drinks.35

Toms Drinks.36

Toms Drinks.37

Toms Drinks



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