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Dear Friends,

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

Since our last meeting for our Christmas drinks in December we have had some changes at ‘TOMS’ and we thought we will give you a quick update.

Unfortunately the centre ‘La Maison Coeur Ecoute’ was closed due to funding issues late last year. We have been waiting to see if they could find new sponsors, but it has now been closed permanently.

As we were only a project based supporter we could not help to keep the centre running as our budget is too small. We are hoping that other NGO’s will re-start a similar project in the area but for now we need to wait and see.

Since December we have been looking and assessing other projects that we could help and on a more positive note we are pleased to say that we will be supporting another charity called Association Amour & Espoir that runs a similar project as the previous centre.

Pajani visited the centre earlier this year and we have agreed to support them with Education, Music and Sports projects.

The Centre is situated near La Gaulette on the south western part of the island. It was established in 2007 by Mr Bruno Petit and his father. Together with the help of other volunteers they provide children a daily breakfast and get them ready for school.

Most of the families are living in beach shacks and don’t have running water so some of the children have their showers at the centre in the morning.

As we make progress with the centre we will provide more information on what we are planning for this year. This area is very impoverished and cut out by distance from main cities; families living there are deprived from basic facilities.

A lot of the families do have problems with the usual social evils of alcohol, violence, drugs, child abuse and your support in helping them would be greatly appreciated.

The Association Amour & Espoir - Pictures: Courtesy of Stephanie Lorente

The Association Amour & Espoir – Pictures: Courtesy of Stephanie Lorente

The Association Amour & Espoir Kids - Pictures: Courtesy of Stephanie Lorente

The Association Amour & Espoir Kids – Pictures: Courtesy of Stephanie Lorente

Without your kind support all this will not be possible and we depend on your donations to keep this project alive.

If you would like to get involved please contact us as we are always seeking members who can help us with the charity’s work in the UK and abroad.

Events for the 2015:

Summer Drinks (Date, Venue TBC )

Football Tournament 13th September- Wandsworth Common (TBC)

Annual Dinner/Drinks– TBC

For more information please email: theoverseasmauritiansociety@gmail.com

Donations to:

If you would like to make an annual contribution of £10 by standing order please use the details below. If you work in a company that have programme for small charities and think we are eligible for any grants or funding please let us know.

The Overseas Mauritian Society

Bank: The Co-operative Bank , Account Number : 65543735, Sort Code 089299

Paypal – theoverseasmauritiansociety@gmail.com

The Overseas Mauritian Society is a charity for tax purposes in line with Paragraph 1 of Schedule 6 Finance Act 2010 and comes under the reference number XT34058.

Pictures Courtesy of Stephanie Lorente .You can follow her work at Here.

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